Easy At-Home Cold Brew

Easy At-Home Cold Brew

Nothing feels more sophisticated than sipping a delicious cold brew coffee on your way to work. The buttery refreshment makes the perfect morning beverage, bursting with that signature coffee flavor without tasting bitter or sour. Unfortunately, despite its incredible taste, purchasing cold brew at your local coffee joint every morning can take a toll on your wallet. Luckily, you can save major cash by whipping up your own Easy At-Home Cold Brew instead! 

At-Home Cold Brew: A Morning Delight

Our Skinny Ms. version yields a cold brew so delectable; it delivers the same rich flavor you crave, without the hefty price tag. So easy to make, this coffee-making method pulls out layers of flavor, and carries a pretty good caffeine kick too! So, if you wouldn’t consider yourself a morning person per se, sipping on our tasty cold brew might be a total game changer. And as a bonus, cold brew yields a less acidic profile than conventional coffee, meaning it’s less likely to upset your stomach!

The Cold Brew Process

So what’s the catch? Well, cold brew takes more time than drip coffee. In fact, it usually takes an entire night (12 hours). However, our easy cold brew will only steal about 5 minutes of your time, and you just have to let it rest after prepping.

In fact, this resting time allows the magic to happen. The cold steeping brings out depth of flavor, yielding a velvety cup of cold brew, sans bitterness. That said, prepare your cold brew the night before and you’ll have rich, crave-worthy coffee ready for you when the sun rises.

How to Make Easy At-Home Cold Brew

Oftentimes making your own iced coffee can result in a watery, overly bitter attempt that ends up getting poured down the drain. It doesn’t take much, but there’s a bit more involved than just throwing ice cubes in your morning joe. Our at home cold brew yields smooth, refreshing coffee guaranteed to put a pep in your step. Our no-fuss cold brew recipe doesn’t call for any special skills or pricy equipment.

First, grind coffee beans and place them in a beverage container with cold water. Stir until the coffee grinds are completely saturated with water, and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, line a strainer with a cheese cloth, and pour the chilled mixture through the strainer, and into another beverage container. Finally, pour yourself a cup, add any milk, or sugar if desired, and enjoy! It’s that simple!

Sip Lavishly, Save Money!

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